Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak and Orthopedic Patients

Dear Orthopedic Patient: 

We are at one of the most challenging times our healthcare has ever experienced: the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak. While the number of affected individuals is relatively small the impact of the virus spread on healthcare, economy and everyday life is enormous.  

Today six counties in the San Francisco - Bay Area have ordered people to stay at home as much as possible — the strictest measure yet over a wide area of the United States.  

California has the second-largest number of infected patients in the nation.    

Our Federal, State and local public healthcare authorities are doing their very best in protecting the public from exposure to this highly contagious virus, which spreads easily from person to person and primarily affects the respiratory system.   

The medical care required by our current patients, either those recovering from a recent injury or recent surgery cannot be postponed. There are also those who just sustained an injury or have developed acute, severe complaints related to musculoskeletal system: hips, knees, bones, joints, back pain... Some of these patients have significant injuries or other complaints and need immediate hospital-based care, while others can be managed within their own homes.   

Starting today major hospitals in San Francisco restricted any nonurgent surgeries and hospital visitations. While these are appropriate measures that protect our patients and the public, they are not making it harder to manage your immediate medical needs. They may create a challenge for you in receiving appropriate medical care timely. You have likely been overwhelmed with messages, different advice and changing instructions coming from various sources concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As our commitment to your care is our number one priority effective today, March 16, 2020, we will be providing home visits by our medical team to some of our patients    

Who is qualified? 

The decision of which patients will be visited at their home will be made by our orthopedic surgeon based on your medical needs. 

Please call our office at 415-221-4400.  

In the case of a true emergency please go to your nearest Emergency Room but we will try to answer any incoming calls as soon as we can.  

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