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Nikolaj Wolfson, MD, FRCSC, FACS

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon located in Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA

Board-certified orthopedic surgeon Nikolaj Wolfson, MD, specializes in conservative and surgical treatments for knee pain, including knee replacement. He offers computer-assisted, fully customized knee replacements at Wolfson Orthopedics in the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. For expertise in knee replacement and revision knee surgery, call or book an appointment online today.

Knee Replacement Q & A

What is a knee replacement?

Every year, doctors perform more than 600,000 knee replacements to relieve their patients’ disabling pain and restore normal functioning. This effective surgery involves removing damaged parts of your knee joint and replacing them with components made of metal and plastic. 

The team at Wolfson Orthopedics was one of the first practices in the Bay Area to offer Conformis patient-specific knee implants. These customized implants are designed to imitate your unique anatomy for superior fit and function.

What are the types of knee replacement procedures?

The team at Wolfson Orthopedics offers a variety of knee replacement procedures to meet your needs, including:

Partial knee replacement

Your knee has two main sections, or compartments. Partial knee replacement, also called unicompartmental knee replacement, involves only one part of the knee joint. 

Total knee replacement

If your knee damage extends beyond one part of the joint, total knee replacement may be necessary. This procedure involves replacing the entire surface of the bone endings in your knee joint. 

Revision knee replacement

Although knee replacements are among the most successful medical procedures, they may fail for a variety of reasons. If this happens, the team at Wolfson Orthopedics may perform revision surgery to replace the failed implant with a new one.

When would I need a knee replacement?

The team at Wolfson Orthopedics always explores every available conservative treatment, such as physical therapy and lifestyle changes, before they consider surgery. If you have disabling knee pain and weakness that interfere with everyday life despite treatment, you may be a candidate for a knee replacement. 

Arthritis, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, is the most common reason people get knee replacements. 

What is the recovery like after knee replacement surgery?

The healing process differs from person to person and depends on the complexity of your surgery. Your Wolfson Orthopedics surgeon discusses what you should expect from recovery before you agree to pursue a knee replacement procedure. 

Most patients who get a partial knee replacement can walk the same day, while total and revision procedures usually take a bit longer. With physical therapy, a healthy diet, and knee braces, the majority of Wolfson Orthopedics patients return to a full activity level in 3-4 months.

For the highest-quality care in customized knee replacements, call Wolfson Orthopedics or book an appointment online today.